Help the Mind complete its job of validation!!!!!!

Every time you react to what you see you reaffirm a false entity and since it is false it has to appear again and again until you correctly validate the memory (experience, thought) as false. That's why even if you change jobs or move to a different city and if you were observant enough, you... Continue Reading →

Would success make you look within and question ” Who am I?” #Mind #Zen #Contemplation

Hey Little Self, I know my mails are the inverse of what you expect but it has to be that way because your perception of who you are is inversed! You see things upside down and I have to invert you back upright! The outside world is an illusion! Your name, your form, all the... Continue Reading →

The quickest way to win is to loose!!!

Fighting and conquering are terms when you take the illusion to be true! Instead of fuelling your fear use that fuel to say " Here I am come and eat me up!!" and guess what the illusion can't eat you up since you have taken its fuel supply! Mohan email: Twitter : @mohansundaram73 Skype:... Continue Reading →

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