Would U fear an exam if U were prepared for it?

Have you ever feared an exam that you were prepared for? Obviously No! Death is an exam... Life is the preparatory school to prepare you for it by throwing you a wide array of experiences you desire not for holding on to them but to use them to realize who you are and to realize …

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It is so simple….Just Do It!! #cleaning #erase #hooponopono #love #healing #leadership

These simple phrases erase sub conscious memories accumulated over millions of lives!!! it's too simple and that's why it's true and powerful! Use it and watch your life transform magically!

Need some help???? #suffering #problems #wisdom #mindfulness

Hey little self, All the powers of God are in you. You must activate the powers and meditation does just that. When your having troubles I do feel compassion but remember that compassion needs to be delivered wisely or else it will YOU weak.  It is important to know that you have a role in …

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You don’t need to be the best! You just need to be more and more of You!!!! #leadership #mindfulness #wisdomyoga