Confidence is silent.. #Leadership #meditation #yoga #Zen #Wisdom

Maturity is silent. Confidence is silent. Success is silent. Let your life do the talking & you never have to say a word. …loved this tweet from living psychology…

Awareness …The Real Self…is the real boss and is always silent invisible and confident. Be Your Self…your self is awareness…Be aware of your thoughts and feelings and you will choose silence and be a doer and confidence of your self will unfold as it already exists.

Meditate anywhere and everywhere #leadership #Meditation #Yoga

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To breathe is to live and to breathe is to meditate. Yes it’s thay simple. Start by breathing while you stand, while you do your chores and while you do just about anything.

It is the very nature of mind to wander and your only goal is to unplug and the job and process of unplugging is called meditation.

Every time your mind wanders be aware you have gone somewhere, consciously dont be interested in the mind story, begin to breathe and you can breathe at the belly or at the chest or at your nostrils. Anything is fine. Go with the flow.

With steady and regular habbit your ability to not follow the mind (the word letting go) will happen automatically.

Yes it’s that easy. The only problem anyone can ever have is a starting problem. Like in anything else take steps to overcome that.

Delegation is not always a great idea! #wisdom #leadership #yogalife #ResponsibleLeader

mohansundaram73: Delegating peace & happiness to success is not a good idea. It’s putting the cart before the horse. #happiness has no relationship to an outcome. It’s your true core of existence. The rest of the mind story is a projection on it. #leadership #mindset #success #msytery #yogalife

LEAD BY SELF EVOLUTION – Leadership #Davos

Lack of attention to the present moment
Leads to
Memories getting written into your sub conscious mind (since you missed your class due to lack of attention to your breathing pattern as you got swept away by dreams of happiness being elsewhere or in some distant outcome). These memories get written to help you not to become a burden. Like today with technology you can download your lectures and watch them later, sub conscious memory resides in an unimaginable server since the beginning of time called Super conscious mind.
Instead of waiting for the.missed classes to show up as your work or experiences elsewhere go back to your memories by journeying back into Time. The time travel vehicle is Meditation. Relive and reattend the classes.
Waking dreams and night dreams are both equally real or equally unreal. You can relive them in your dream and since our dream ego is subtle letting go of experiences is faster. It’s the superior way…
Now if you don’t choose the superior direct route the indirect route is to interact with people and learn about what is keeping you stuck through them but that will take you donkeys years and even then your refined response will be too small to produce significant and quick progress to being a person who is free from any sort of conditioning.
While you live in the world it is not necessary to quit and live in the forest. We live in a concrete forest. Be a yogi. Meditate and implement your leadership learning in Your Life and as you transform your environment will be inspired.
This is the way to Inspire not by lecture and talk. The more you spend your energy talking you loose energy required for your self transformation.
You don’t need to search a guru. God is your guru and is within you. The way to connect to God is Meditation.
Here is how you can meditate:
Have a great weekend.

Stages of Life: #Folktales #wisdom #leadership #purpose

The Duration of LifeJacob and Wilhelm Grimm

When God created the world and was about to determine the duration of life for all the creatures, the donkey came and asked, “Lord, how long am I to live?”

“Thirty years,” answered God. “Is that all right with you?”

“Oh, Lord,” replied the donkey, “that is a long time. Think of my tiresome existence carrying heavy loads from morning until night, dragging bags of grain to the mill so that others might eat bread, only to be cheered along and refreshed with kicks and blows! Spare me part of this long time.”

So God had mercy and gave him eighteen years. The donkey went away satisfied, and the dog made his appearance.

“How long do you want to live?” said God to him. “Thirty years was too much for the donkey, but you will be satisfied with that long.”

“Lord,” answered the dog. “Is that your will? Just think how much I have to run. My feet will not hold out so long. And what can I do but growl and run from one corner to another after I have lost my voice for barking and my teeth for biting?”

God saw that he was right, and he took away twelve years. Then came the monkey.

“Surely you would like to live thirty years,” said the Lord to him. “You do not need to work like the donkey and the dog, and are always having fun.”

“Oh, Lord,” he answered, “so it appears, but it is different. When it rains porridge, I don’t have a spoon. I am always supposed to be playing funny tricks and making faces so people will laugh, but when they give me an apple and I bite into it, it is always sour. How often is sorrow hidden behind a joke. I cannot put up with all that for thirty years!”

God had mercy and gave him ten years. Finally man made his appearance. Cheerful, healthy, and refreshed, he asked God to determine the duration of his life.

“You shall live thirty years,” spoke the Lord. “Is that enough for you?”

“What a short time!” cried the man. “When I have built a house and a fire is burning on my own hearth, when I have planted trees that blossom and bear fruit, and am just beginning to enjoy life, then I am to die. Oh, Lord, extend my time.”

“I will add the donkey’s eighteen years,” said God.

“That is not enough,” replied the man.

“You shall also have the dog’s twelve years.”

“Still too little.”

“Well, then,” said God, “I will give you the monkey’s ten years as well, but you shall receive no more.”

The man went away, but he was not satisfied.

Thus man lives seventy years. The first thirty are his human years, and they quickly disappear. Here he is healthy and happy; he works with pleasure, and enjoys his existence. The donkey’s eighteen years follow. Here one burden after the other is laid on him; he carries the grain that feeds others, and his faithful service is rewarded with kicks and blows. Then come the dog’s twelve years, and he lies in the corner growling, no longer having teeth with which to bite. And when this time is past, the monkey’s ten years conclude. Now man is weak headed and foolish; he does silly things and becomes a laughingstock for children.

Source: Jacob and Wilhelm

You don’t interact with people! #Mind #Leadership #Yoga #Healing

Remember this every moment: No mind no world. And that is the state of deep sleep.

When you interact with someone be it work or home or anywhere even in your dream its an encounter of one mind ( one ego) with another mind ( another ego).

Mind is a bundle of thoughts called memories and memories have been cultivated by habbit.

Mind is an imagination and hence the world is a myth. You experience this Truth as Samadhi.

Knowing this will make you your own doctor. Since mind is an imagination problems are imagined problems and imagined problems can only be solved by imaginary solutions.

Don’t allow logic to get you stuck. Visualize your ailing body and acknowledge the situation and now visualize a healthy body and what would you do and how would you give gratitude for a healing and rehearse that drama with will power.

The more you rehearse it believe in it and state it loud even if it’s not yet true, you have begun to heal.

All hospital must teach and enable this. Create virtual reality technology that allows people to see themselves in better light.

Let that be the metaphysical tablet part of healing for patients. To enable healing further and develop will power use your God given tools for that.

Learn to meditate, practise pranayama and realize yourself.

Knowing the truth you don’t need to give up the world. In fact when you know the truth you will live a far more happy and professional life and be a master mind contributor to the success and well being of everyone in your life.

This is the shortcut..The way of the wise..You are a Diving Being not a doer…

The people you meet are a reflection of your sub conscious. Deleting memories is easy. No sweat or worry or guilt required. Just be 100% responsible and don’t complain.

When you need to meet a tough colleague welcome the opportunity.

Think of the person and turn your attention to your breathing and inhale inward the phrase ” i love you and exhale the phrase ” Thank you and visualize your negative feelings as a black energy transmute itself into a beautiful rose of friendship and say Thank you again. (Mind is imaginary and it’s problems are imaginary and hence the same higher mind must heal the lower mind by visualizing the solution, healing the solution with sound by saying the phrases and visualizing a loving relationship)