Fast Track to success in anything you wish to succeed lies in understanding life

There is no need to fix or teach anyone anything in this world. We are all perfect already but what we need to do is let go of imperfection…identification with the mind and body is called imperfection…to remind you of the various facets of imperfection ( thinking patterns) going on in your mind, the perfect formless conscious self takes the form of people and experiences that mirror your thinking.
People you meet are there to teach you and so we must say thank you and learn our lesson. Complaining and blaming is not being grateful.

When you see for e.g someone and you have an opinion on that person, pause for a moment…don’t express..think of the person as a mirror and see an image of yourself somewhere in your life where you have those traits you are about to judge…accept your shortcoming in those areas and they may be in some other situation of life but the divine may send someone as your colleague work or employee to remind you of your traits…
Set yourself right in those situations and you will be pleasantly surprised the person you were about to judge is changing effortlessly and as quickly as you transform yourself. Then the wisdom will dawn on you nothing is disconnected in life. There is no luck and coincidence..

Why would the perfect divine self come to you as an imperfect person if it were not to teach you something about yourself that you must let go of?

All scriptures say don’t judge. Why then would the divine expect you to judge others imperfection?

The imperfection you see in others is yours..your part and cause of it and you need to do your bit and let go of imperfection and ignorance by expanding your awareness of thoughts and feelings

Everybody is Already Perfect! Every Moment is already Perfect! All You need to do is learn to see correctly..

I find it the pattern in most daily life situations people are of the notion that their job is to teach and correct others and a great deal of time and energy is spent on that with very poor results. Infact whatever results do show also does not really improve the results in business or anywhere on long term. neither do people go home happily.

Is seeing believing or is believing seeing or both or neither?

My background in optometry and hailing from a scientist family is complimented in my current years with spiritual evolution and experiences that have actually not led to contradictions but instead a resolution of the conflicts of understanding that were in me.

Spiritual progress is not in war with science and rationality if harmonized and this harmony comes from embracing both with love and going further spiritual knowledge gives you broad mindedness.

After all the spiritual journey is about expanding your awareness to accommodate your infinite nature…

As awareness grows simplest things in life give you an opportunity to dwell deep and question things you have never dared to earlier.

Take for example the shadow of your own body. Right now as I type this message my good friend shadow is in front of me…!

Putting together my optometry, spiritual experience and scientific background what strikes me is that the physical eyes of mine see a shadow and there is no debate on that..i see it but my awareness highlights this ” phenomenon” as an opportunity to dwell deeper into this phenomenon…

The shadow that is seen exists in relation to lighting position and hence its existence is neither real nor unreal…its a phenomenon..the fact that the physical eyes and the brain that see the shadow also makes me think along these lines…” The shadow is seen by my eye but does not actually exist..”,so lets say that there is an OS ( operating system) that controls this eye as it’s the brain that does the actual seeing the essence of what the eyes captures is ” phenomenon” I.e.things appear to be seen but in a deeper sense they are illusions.this shadow is imposed on a hard floor and there is no time space gap for the mind to have a different operating system program to say floor is real shadow is not…

Even more intriguing experience was one where I went to.sleep once a few years ago and had a vividly dream experience of an ocean, ship with the same solid feel of reality as my waking
World and further more deep into sleep I realized or rather realized is not the right word nor is there a word I can find appropriate for
what I wish to say but what I experienced was no mind, no world, no name, no form, stillness and I exist’s not like I found something
..its like I am and always was nobody and all of.a sudden from this feeling something rose from my center…a feeling of I Am followed by one solid world no separation or many etc…one whole complete and slowly memory of name and form crept took me a good few hours on that very special day to find my bearings in life but I was blissful and a turning point reached..
I spontaneously felt love for myself in everyone and everything…i could no longer get angry, hate or complain…

It’s beyond logic…its not logical or illogical

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living vs planning

To live is to be aware. To be aware is to accept and observe all experiences as they are.

Are you living or planning?

Most of us spend the great part of life planning and when you start living and feel the joy of living you realize life is simple if we just live and understand what living is all about…

The key to lots of happiness is understanding the purpose of life…life revolves intricately around this and this in turn is all about discovering aspects of yourself beyond the conventional identifications of the mind and body.

Meditation is conscious sleep

There are many skills that we learn through life but interestingly sleep is something nobody ever learnt. We have the knowledge of switching off if we choose to.

If you were to tonight observe how you go to sleep you would observe that your attention of its own shifts to watching the breathing I.e. It pulls away from the objects of the senses and remains anchored in the breath and merges into it. This breath then carries it to the dream world and finally all mental activity is suspended in deep sleep.

” Sleep is unconscious meditation!”


When you consciously choose to watch your mind (breath) without altering it in any way that is meditation. It is watching the mind go to sleep and return to it source.

Meditation is conscious sleep I.e while the mind sleeps you are awake and watching as the conscious witness of all the alterations of the Mind.

Whie in the world we need to learn many skills and different types of knowledge to return to your so called Higher Self you need to erase all concepts.

Concepts block you from seeing your own infinite nature. An empty mind is required to grasp your infinite being intelligence bliss nature.

Life is Love

We often have so many misconstrued meanings and interpretations of love that meaning of life itself is scattered and lost.
In essence life is love and from the context of spiritual reality love is awareness…Awareness is the ultimate and the real “I”. It is existence itself and is the only existence.

You live a life of love when you are aware of your thoughts and feelings and this is very easy to do and natural. When your aware your thoughts and feelings melt away into nothingness and your left with nothing but bliss