#Life is a #lab where you can learn to #love your #Self unconditionally. #wisdom #leadership #InspiredLiving

Success is not really the ultimate goal of life..better than that is use life as a lab to learn to love your Self in all unconditionally...when you focus on expanding love success is one of the stations you pass by..enjoy it but don't get distracted and stop your journey..continue expansion of love....

Its Time to slow down, and stop and plan your journey!! #change #leadership

When your car is moving at a high speed you would need to first have a plan and route map of where you want to go before you can change course of the car! So too your body is a car and moving in most people's life unconsciously powered by ancient memories down history Lane! …

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Are you……..?

Self confidence is not about baseless beleif that you can achieve anything through holding on to your dream! It is about " Self " confidence I e " How confident are you as to " Who are you Truly?" When you truly realize your divine higher nature you become confident that you can achieve anything …

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Stop sailing! Happiness island is a fiction! Just anchor into now and here right now!

Don't sail aimlessly on the rough seas of the mind! Anchor now and here into the peace of Now and and here!

Your the sky! Just Relax!

Fears are not real. They are due to wrong understanding of your nature. Correct your understanding and your free automatically.