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Your body is a car. Get rid of the unskilled driver called Ego

Think of your body as a Car, and right now the ego is the driver, fire the ego, dismiss him and let the Intellect be the driver and the intellect will be guided by the Awareness. Clucth is mindfulness, Deep breathing is your power break, and thinking is the accelarator. Before you get on the right road dont accelarate

Would U fear an exam if U were prepared for it?

Have you ever feared an exam that you were prepared for? Obviously No! Death is an exam… Life is the preparatory school to prepare you for it by throwing you a wide array of experiences you desire not for holding on to them but to use them to realize who you are and to realize all experiences are transient and hence illusions.


Now if U wasted your time and did not learn the deeper lessons start now.

When you know who you are fear of death vanishes and the ego will die successfully which means there is no need for it to come back for there are no arrears to clean up.

The peaceful way to peace of mind

Awesome explanation of “association” ! #wisdom #Leadership #Purity

Beautiful explanation by Swami Vivekananda:

Explaining the meaning of ‘Association’. He said:

“The rain drop from the sky: if it is caught in hands, it is pure enough for drinking. If it falls in a gutter, its value drops so much that it can’t be used even for washing the feet. If it falls on hot surface, it perishes. If it falls on lotus leaf, it shines like a pearl and finally, if it falls on oyster, it becomes a pearl. The drop is same, but its existence & worth depend on with whom it associates.”
Always be associated with people who are good at heart.
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