Obstacles are actually your mind blocks #leadership #inspiration

The challenges you face in leadership roles or any situation so to say are projections of your thought patterns that drive habbit in your daily life.

Ways to overcome challenges:

Be conscious of your behaviour and tendency to complain and loose patience.

Don’t give in to the mind and persist on the path and reform your views about your team

The method described above works but you can make that work faster and easier with inner work. Set aside twenty to thirty minutes between r and 6 am everyday to meditate. Get rid of all concepts around meditation. The key is to get aware of your thoughts, feelings and understand their impact on rhythmic healthy breathing just by observation. This simple practise will help you distance yourself away from traits that your stuck too and as you unplug from traits you would be magically surprised that inner work has made your outer work easier.

All are one and we are all connected even if you don’t feel so right now. The sub conscious mind knows this truth and that’s why it just requires one person in a circle of complainers to be 100% self responsible and work on themselves and by doing so you free the people in your circle.

Watch this video on meditation:


And about 100% responsibility don’t miss this:


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Have a good week ahead.

10 morning habbit for quick learning.. #mind #learning #kriya #meditate #Leadership #Yoga #zen

Here is some quick learning hacks from mind valley

10 Morning Habits Geniuses Use To Jump Start The Brain For Maximum Learning & Productivity http://www.mindvalleyacademy.com/blog/mind/morning-routine-for-brain-power-plf-by-jim-kwik?utm_source=sumome&utm_medium=whatsapp&utm_campaign=sumome_share

Do actions yield freedom? #Meditation #meaningfullife #Zen #Purpose #Wisdom #Leadership #freedom #karma #kriya

How many actions do you do that make you feel freed from the knot of the ego doership complex?

Do you feel unrecognized when you don’t win accolades?

Does rewards motivate your better performance and make you excited?

Your probably driven by egoistic goals. From a stand point of daily sustenance, and socially you maybe a hit in your circle but when your alone your restless and feel dejected when life is not exciting….

Doing actions that frees you is a way of life that requires first you understand who you are and the tools to attain freedom available to you.

Life is a gift a chance to free yourself from the delusion of materialism. The body is a boat that gives you an opportunity to perform sets of actions thay can free you from the dream:

Work: use work to develop selflessness (work for that which unfolds truth not for personal victory)

Pray: whatever be the form of prayer you need a healthy body be it traditional or meditation. Keep the body in Good Health. Don’t waste time on being Super Fit.

Have fun: there is no harm in fun as long as you don’t loose anchoring from peace.

Remember this always. What you desire is peace not excitement. Excitement is cheap stuff and is a roller coaster ride start. Peace is stable and grows deeper.

Apply these in your life and your life becomes a meditative way of life. Before one dies you must have a convincing intuitive experience of higher universal truth and your body and mind are tools to be used to achieve this journey.

Are you a knowledgeable fool or intelligent doubter? #leadership #Yoga #Meditation #Intelligence

Surrender in Spirituality is a sign of intelligence awakening for having realized that intelligence awakens through doubt & only ignorance pretends it knows everything; U surrender ignorance, judgement & into Higher Intelligence- God, awareness or whatever ur tradition calls it. MEDITATION, AND PRAYER ARE MEANS TO ACTION SURRENDER INSTEAD OF JUST TALKING SURRENDER.

You are not the tools you have at your disposal #leadership #awakening #leadfromwithin

Your body, your ability to think, your job, your community are tools which if you use wisely can help you realize who you are and how you got here.

Who are you and how did you get here?

These are the questions of life that drive you unconsciously from city to city from one job to another etc.

The easier way of knowing it is to have a multiple channel approach to these questions in various situations.

When at home …set aside time to meditate…half an hour a day is enough to accelerate your life wholeness exponentially…

Your jobs and encounters with clients, colleagues and market scenarios allow you a lab like space to.explore new definitions of who might you be and how can you experiment new paradigm shifts in your responses..

Some things to ponder about:

  1. Do you listen in a conversation to give a response? Can you listen truly if your intention to listen is to give a response?
  2. Can being calm and unperturbed be your new response as an action not as a demonstration of any Kind but a new way of life?
  3. Are you aware of the thoughts that drive you? Are you scared to.watch them? Maybe they are false fear (fear is false evidence appearing real because of your thinking….)
  4. Do answers set me free truly or may be the right questions will help me align into a new paradigm?
  5. Can there be any sense in a world where most people compete till they die? Am I missing the purpose of life itself??
  6. What is a problem? Can you narrow down and define it? No solutions can be found till you define the problem. When you get down to defining a problem your forced to get aware and mindful and as you do that before you can understand anything the problem itself is gone..this can be a very useful tool in many life scenarios your facing even as you read this message
  7. How do i get mindful and awake? You do know the answer. Nobody thought you how to sleep. Sleep is unconscious meditation. Meditation is conscious sleep. Simply bring your awareness to breathing and stay aware of breathing that is called meditation. When thoughts drift you away come back to breathing..this simple exercise will help you develop and unfold unimaginable integrated omniscient knowledge and intuition…
    Your knowledge and skill is a tool to serve your community and not for serving the ego. Use Your skill and knowledge to give and when you give your ego is erased and light of wisdom will shine through you.
  8. Your job here is to retrace your journey back to the eternal home of peace


Have a good weekend.