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How do you feel when you dont pass stools?

Constipated right! A confused mind is a constipated mind!

Your mind also needs to pass out its sub conscious memories and that’s a job that YOU have to do. Most people avoid this by being over busy with life, work to try and get away from this clean-up job but if you dont clean it it will show up as diseases.

Yes! Prevention is possible!

Disease first works its way through the mind and the seeds of disease is your thought patterns. Like is the case of all things neglected, so is the consequence of neglecting the sub conscious child. It has a huge collection of memories you have not LET GO of and these block you from enjoying a free life. The imperative is your primary job is along with a dream clean this up. 

Its like we are all responsible to flush the toilet. First step is to get the memories out into your awareness through meditation, prayer, selfless service, doing your work with a sense of duty towards what is right. All these help and in addition as you read further down I will share a simple and effective cleaning practice.

Practices like meditation, pranayama, repeating the rosary, chanting a manthra and living a life of righteousness does the job of flushing off the memories and there can be no better LIFE INSURANCE than this.

The art of hooponopono is an ancient healing art and you can think of it like a simple set of phrases that “DELETE” memories or programs that you have acquired in your many lives ignorantly.

DO you remember the days of TDK cassettes??pexels-photo-164727.jpeg

Your sub conscious is like these. Whatever you ” Liked” or “Hated” got recorded into the tape and you keep taking births till you erase “Likes” and ” Hates”.


The trick here is the in-between path. Its call mindfulness or awareness.

When you like something intensely keep this in mind..That makes you hate something as well.. do suck out the “Like” fuel by shifting your awareness to your breathing and watch the mind play itself out and dont be interested in the stories of the mind..

You can even Inhale ” I love you” and exhale ” Thank You” and do this for all things that you like and hate and soon you will see the exit door appear to you from nowhere.

Everyday at night before you sleep keep a diary and write the following phrases:

I love you

I am sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

If you have a devotional bent of mind you can super charge these phrases by writing:

Write the name of your God or Teacher and the phrases and write it 108 times everyday at night and what this does is it sets the memories that are stuck loose and allows them to gently float upto your awareness and like bubbles they dissolve.

Your job is simple. Just WATCH. WATCHING IS SUPER POWER.

After you do this exercise dont do anything but just hit the sac and sleep on a light stomach. You will experience the toilet flush out lots of junk and you will be witnessing them without any disturbance and everyday you will get up feeling fresher and being a better person. Many of things you see as dreams are you many life experiences that are playing out and if they play out it is better they play out in the dream than in your office or at home.

Learn more about Hooponopono here:


Meaning of AUM and chanting it to neutralize memories:

AUM is the vibration of the Holy Ghost. It is a sound that exists of its own and chanting it connects you to it.When you focus on “A” the sound helps in manifesting desires, but instead if you make the “U” and M part last longer into the silence you push the memories from waking into dream and neutralize them without having to struggle with them in the waking delusion.

Here is an Om chant with shamanic drumming that will help let go: Don’t drive or gym with it. Its means to put you into meditative stillness. Source(Meditative mind channel) have converted into mp3. (Head phones required)


Learn to and practice meditation:


If you need any help with these what’sap me (+918790171132): Its free…help..Divine gifts are for sharing…

Where can you do this and see miracles:

Lets say you’re suffering a migraine do this every night and watch the migraine vanish over a period of time. Thoughts are the cause.







Would U fear an exam if U were prepared for it?

Have you ever feared an exam that you were prepared for? Obviously No! Death is an exam… Life is the preparatory school to prepare you for it by throwing you a wide array of experiences you desire not for holding on to them but to use them to realize who you are and to realize all experiences are transient and hence illusions.


Now if U wasted your time and did not learn the deeper lessons start now.

When you know who you are fear of death vanishes and the ego will die successfully which means there is no need for it to come back for there are no arrears to clean up.

You don’t need to be the best! You just need to be more and more of You!!!! #leadership #mindfulness #wisdomyoga


After having worked hard enough your now ready for the wise way…#Wisdom #Meditation #Karma #Leadership #MeditativeLifestyle


Mohan Sundaram
email: Mohan.Sundaram.73@gmail.com
Skype: Mohan.Sundaram.73@live.com
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Stop chasing pleasure and learn to persist in things that help you erase the ego….#Leadership #Wisdom


Mohan Sundaram
email: Mohan.Sundaram.73@gmail.com
Skype: Mohan.Sundaram.73@live.com
what’s ap: +918790171132

Are you really a ” You??” #Wisdom #Contemplation #SelfImprovement #Leadership


Mohan Sundaram
email: Mohan.Sundaram.73@gmail.com
Skype: Mohan.Sundaram.73@live.com
what’s ap: +918790171132