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Life is inverted when you try to understand and play the game outwardly! What your eyes and senses tell you is out there is actually not outside but the opposite I.e its your thoughts your thinking that appear to be out there! Working Models of the world Matter is king for the foolish ego! No... Continue Reading →

Your sub conscious mind behaves like this!

Your sub conscious mind is always on " recording mode!" When your Mindful and non reactive it does not record anything! When you react by way of liking or disliking, it records your experience as a memory and plays it back repeatedly like a player till you pay attention and erase it! You already have... Continue Reading →

Is your life logical or magical?

Most of us who think we are logical people should really rethink and evaluate ourselves. If you were to carefully introspect your life and look back at your experiences, your claim of being logical would stand challenged! If you were truly logical and scientific in your way of living, you would approach experiences without a... Continue Reading →

Do you believe, or disbelieve or believe when it suits you?

You can't choose to believe only good thoughts! Thoughts constitute the mind. Good thoughts and bad thoughts always coexist! They Validate each other as good and bad! If you believe the mind, you have to believe the good and bad thoughts! If you want to disbelieve and break free you must disbelieve the mind in... Continue Reading →

Chicken first or egg first or….Who has the question first??

For those who want to transcend the mind and break free from the constraints of time and space it would be valuable for you to understand the mind as debate. Debate keeps the mind occupied and your job is to transcend the mind I e not fix it but just like a rocket breaks out... Continue Reading →

Just meditate! There is no perfect meditation than meditation itself!

Outcomes are distractions part of the mind and its stories! Be disinterested in them by staying a distant observer of the mental processes! Even now at this moment you are free. You have no obligation to act on your thoughts but you must gain that conviction through wisdom of meditation! The wisdom is simple -... Continue Reading →

As we Indians along with people staying in India celebrate our 69th Independence day…..

While India celebrates independence day use the day to remind yourself that your here to complete your independence from the ego (mind body personality complex) and live a life of celebration! Happy independence day!! Reclaim your freedom from the mind! Master the Mind and Be a Master Mind! Mohan Sundaram email: Skype: what's... Continue Reading →

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